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5/22/2024 : 8:17 am

The Christmas Fairy from the Christmas Bureau

The Fairy of Christmas December Sun There was once many many years. The winter was very cold and dark. It was a St. Nicholas Eve in the enchanting, hidden Weihnachtsland, exactly where Santa Claus lives. Since the little fairy was born to the delight of her parents and all residents of the country Christmas. And Santa Claus gave her a beautiful and promising name in December Sun. The other fairies in the country appealed Christmas Fairy December Sun with many wishes in the crib: They wished that they love a good fairy, and will be, always friendly and helpful should be that all human love, happiness, light, warmth, trust and security bring should. The little fairy December Sun was a happy child, like all children of the goblin, elves and fairies in Christmas Land. There was so much to discover, so many funny games, so many pleasant hours at the side of their family, their friends and on the side of Santa Claus. Especially loved it when Santa Claus to the cozy fireplace inviting hours and thousands of stories of children around the world to tell knew.

The small fee could never hear enough and asked Santa Claus many holes in his belly. And Santa Claus was never tired of the many questions to answer.

And so passed many years in Christmas Land. Santa Claus visited all those years at Christmas time the children of the earth, brought them gifts, heard about their joys and hardships, always brought these special magic of Christmas to the people of the world. The Fairy December Sun was like all other children to school, tried diligently to learn. After school she did her homework, she helped at home, was with friends on their adventures in the country on Christmas, or was at the Wichteln and elves in Santa Claus's workshop, or the fairies in the Christmas bakery in Geschenkeeinpackstation in the sled workshop , in animals in the stable of Santa Claus or the Christmas post office. December sun loved it, the hard workers in their wonderful work to see and especially loved it when they could help.

Especially in the Christmas season was over much to do and all the fairies and goblin glad of their help.

But especially the fairy was happy with the Santa Claus on long walks through the Christmas forest, or sat next to his desk to come up with new stories of Christmas and the children of the world to hear. Santa Claus liked it very much as an attentive and interested listener, and that I am accustomed to it, they always öfeer their opinion or to ask their advice. Life in the Country Christmas was really simple and sunny through December Sun has become. She understood it, is everywhere to be useful, always an open ear for others to have help and advice to give. Even if times are particularly busy during the Christmas land went to ... When the goblin did not agree on the color of the new toys could be if the animals sleigh of Santa Claus once got a fever, and suddenly the butter for the Christmas Zuckerstreusel baggage into the bakehouse were missing, or letters and the Christmas wishes of children thrown upon ...

The fairy was always there and everything was good.

The Santa Claus in December sent December Sun outside the Christmas period to other schools, she took on in his travels around the globe with. Meanwhile, Santa Claus was not just for Christmas season: Every year there are more children in the world. Santa Claus could hardly every visit about their wishes to ask them to bring their gifts. Therefore, he has a loving helper in all countries, who he regularly visited (Certainly did you even take a hit!) And with whom he long overdue Christmas and the children speak. And so it took many more years in Christmas Land. All were happy and satisfied and went after their duties. Santa Claus still cared for his Christmas duties, conjured every year happy and bright child and adult eyes.

The Fairy even got two children, now in the busy Christmas country with help, and provide at the side of Santa Claus every year for Christmas a very special celebration.

Then came the Internet: The Santa Claus was not the time to make even caring. There were more children around the world, the goblin and elf had more gifts produce the fairies even more baking, craft, wrap, more letters to answer. Since the fee set in December sun completely silent once again behind the books and take care of himself to the computer, the homepage and e-mails of Santa Claus for the children of the world, their parents and all the hardworking volunteers it can ever achieve. And when Santa Claus times no time, or something is tired, driving the Christmas fairy as his office manager, Weihnachtsberatererin, Christmas or as ambassador Fairy od Christmas, as he called them now, the Christmas helpers in the world to visit, shows and explains to them how they Santa Claus can be represented. It advises the Santa Claus in his everyday tasks, there teaching in the school Christmas Christmas in the country, look at the goblin shop, Santa Claus sleigh garage, in animals and in the Christmas bakery .... right after you take the calls of children or their parents for Christmas contrary, writes letters, plays and tinkers and bakes at Christmas time with the children who read fairy tales and stories ... And Santa Claus is very calm because he knows that his Fairy of Christmas December Sun worthy of representing him and the splendor of Christmas in the hearts of the people.

And so it is still many many years.

Perhaps you have ever seen the Fairy of Christmas December Sun? I have just taken in Copenhagen, there was a meeting of the Santas. The Fairy of Christmas had little time for me and told me much about the country and the Santa Claus. Maybe I will soon write a new history.

I can hardly wait for Christmas ... And you?

(PH 2008)