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6/18/2024 : 11:01 pm

The Chrismas Office proudly presents: Santa Clauses worldwide

Stories, about Santa Clauses, Nicolases, Angels, Elves and Dwarfes... should be written down right here.How the Santa Clauses became Santa Clauses? What is the special, good, sometimes stressful thing an their work which let childrens' eyes shine every year again and again?

Why we made this site

Of course, for everyone there is only the one and only Santa Clause...
But is is indisputable and not assesable, that there are dignifieded represetentives of the one and only Santa Clause worldwide...
Short time ago, the Chirsmasfairy Petra was at the "World Santa Congress". She met many Santa Clauses from all over the world.
Since many years these Santa Clauses are helping to conserve the charm of the Chrismas time.
The Chrismas Office is on the tracks of Chrismas and the participants...

Santa galary

Santa Clauses, angels, christmas ladies from all other the world

Santa Clauses are telling...

Soon you can

Are you a Santa Clause or do you know one, a very special one?

You are Santa Clause, Nicolas or another chrismas performer?Do you know a special personage?
Then, please send us a mail.
We are glad to present you at this site.